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Subject Guide Standards and Technical Guidelines

Information Centre for Technology and Patents (ITP)

The ITP is, amongst others, a public library for DIN standards and technical guidelines. The standards and guidelines listed below are available partly in electronic, partly in print version. Moreover, the ITP has a book stock on this subject.

Please note: Only members of the University may copy standards for scientific purposes.

  • Accessible in ITP only Accessible in ITP only


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  • The ITP is situated in the Central Library, basement level 2, room U2.
  • In the ITP, you will find the following standards in print version: Nur im ITP zugänglich
    • DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO, DIN ETS, DIN IEC (up to approx. year 2000, including withdrawn documents, incomplete)
    • VDI guidelines (including withdrawn documents up to approx. year 2005, incomplete)
    • VDE safety standards (including withdrawn documents, incomplete: printed edition until 2005; electronic version 2006-2011)
    • VDMA-Einheitsblätter
    • DVS guidelines and bulletins
    • DVGW guidelines gas / water-Regelwerke Gas / Wasser
    • AD 2000 (Druckbehälter)
    • RAL quality marks
  • HB PAS: shelf classification of books in the ITP on technical standards Nur im ITP zugänglich

    HB PAS N Technical Guidelines

    • HB PAS NaGeneral introductions, encyclopaedias, technical law
    • HB PAS NbEquipment safety, inspections, quality control
    • HB PAS NcGerman regulations incl. catalogues, ordinances
    • HB PAS NeDINstandards
    • HB PAS NfVDEstandards
    • HB PAS NgStandards for data transmission and processing
    • HB PAS NhVDI guidelines
    • HB PAS NmOther technical rules
    • HB PAS NoTechnical rules of other countries
    • HB PAS NrInternational technical rules
  • Standards on Demand
    Order service for standards which are not at hand in the ITP. This service is only available to members of TU Dortmund and has to be payed by the orderer.