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Subject Guide Standards and Technical Guidelines

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  • Accessible in ITP only Accessible in ITP only


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  • HB PAS: shelf classification of books in the ITP on technical standards Nur im ITP zugänglich

    HB PAS N Technical Guidelines

    • HB PAS NaGeneral introductions, encyclopaedias, technical law
    • HB PAS NbEquipment safety, inspections, quality control
    • HB PAS NcGerman regulations incl. catalogues, ordinances
    • HB PAS NeDINstandards
    • HB PAS NfVDEstandards
    • HB PAS NgStandards for data transmission and processing
    • HB PAS NhVDI guidelines
    • HB PAS NmOther technical rules
    • HB PAS NoTechnical rules of other countries
    • HB PAS NrInternational technical rules
  • Standards on Demand
    Order service for standards which are not at hand in the ITP.