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Subject Guide Environmental Research

Tours and Training

Library Introductions for first-year students (Library use)
Information Skills Training - Specialised Research (Database use)
Training classes (also individually adapted) by arrangement. Please call me: Telephone: 0231 755 4034, or send an email.

Suggestions for specialised literature research

You can use the databases stated below for an unlimited period of time. These databases are helpful if you want to prepare your research in SciFinder Scholar effectively or update it currently.

  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnoloy and Environmental Research:
    Use Isi Web of Knowledge (Science Citation Index) and Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
  • Analytical Chemistry
    Use Analytical Abstracts and Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
    Use Inspec (Physics) and Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
  • Organic Chemistry
    Use Reaxys and Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
    Use Ceaba-VTB and Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)

Search Tips: How to find ...?

Locations, catalogues, bibliographies and reference works on Environmental Research at the University Library

Locations of Books in Dortmund University Library

Central Library

  • Books
    Shelf marks: L (location: 3rd floor)
  • Textbooks
    Shelf mark: L L (location: Ground floor)
  • Not borrowable
    • Reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies and handbooks are usually not borrowable. The same goes for individual copies of much-used texts for research and teaching.
    • Journals
      Shelf marks: ZL (location: Basement level 2); current year in room E 1 (location: Ground floor)

Catalogues in Dortmund University Library

Open Access in Environmental Research