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Subject Guide Didactics of Biology and Chemistry

  • accessible from a TU Dortmund IP address only Accessible from a TU Dortmund IP address only (further information)


  • Fis Bildung Literaturdatenbank
    German Education Index. - Contains bibliographic records from all fields of educational sciences and specialized didactics. Report period: 1980 -
  • Eric (Educational Resources Information Center; in the Digital Library NRW) accessible from a TU Dortmund IP address only
    American database
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  • DChemLit
    Bibliographic database which analyses journals on the didactics of chemistry and the natural sciences
  • Psyndex accessible from a TU Dortmund IP address only
    German Database on psychology
  • Belit - a bibliographic database by the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences
    Belit provides access to approx. 470,000 records from the integrated German, American and French databases. It is an extensive bibliographic directory of literature in the area of bioethics, unique world wide, containing references to monographs, grey literature, legal documents, journal articles, newspaper articles and book contributions.

Further Special Databases

Open Access in the Field of Biology