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Subject Librarians

Our subject librarians can help you with specialised research in your particular field of study. They collaborate closely with the staff of their faculties at the TU Dortmund.

Do you have questions concerning specialised literature research, e.g. research in specialised databases or in our catalog plus? Our subject librarians help you on an individual basis to improve your research skills.

One-on-one counseling or group training within one of your seminars, feel free to contact us!

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Dipl.-Math. Antje Blomeyer
Mathematics, Music, Statistics
Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Didactics of Biology, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Research
Economics, Spatial Planning
Architecture, Civil Engineering, Physics
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Sciences
Art, Cultural Anthropology of Textiles, History, Philosophy, Politics, Theology
Education, General References, Geography, Psychology, Rehabilitation Sciences, Sociology, Sport
Journalism and Media Studies, Linguistics and Literature Studies

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