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Opinion surveys

2011 Opinion Survey NRW

From November to December 2011, 12 academic libraries in Northrine-Westphalia asked their users to give them their opinion about their services, collections and staff. Altogether, the libraries got back 26.000 questionnaires. Dortmund University Library got back 1518 questionnaires, 85 percent from students.
More information: Ergebnisse der Nutzerumfrage NRW 2011 (in German)

2008 Opinion Survey - Evaluation

"Opinion survey among TU Dortmund students"

From January to February 2008, we asked our students to give us their opinion about our collections and our services. 1,450 students completed our online questionnaire.

Further information regarding the individual sections of the survey will be posted on our homepage, where you will also find news about our services.

2004/2005 Opinion Poll - Evaluation

"Opinion survey among TU Dortmund academic staff"

From November 2004 to January 2005, we asked academic staff of TU Dortmund to give us their opinion about our collections and services.

The 32% participation turnout shows that academic staff take a keen interest in an adequate information supply.

The aim of the 2004/2005 opinion survey was to take a closer look at our holdings and services offered at the time and to identify the needs and expectations of TU Dortmund academic staff. In times of stagnating or shrinking budgets, opinion surveys are an important instrument in ensuring that library services cater to the needs of teaching and research.

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