Universitätsbibliothek Dortmund: 2. Inetbib-Tagung

Abstract D. W. Larbey, University of East Anglia Library
Electronic Document Delivery in the UK with particular reference to the Electronic Libraries Programme and the EDDIS Project.

There are several electronic document delivery initiatives in the UK. EDDIS is one of five electronic document delivery projects established within the UK Electronic Libraries Programme. EDDIS stands for electronic document delivery, the integrated solution. Several characteristics taken together set it apart from other projects: it integrates the whole process of information access from search, through location order and delivery at the desk top; it enables end users to drive the whole process while the librarian stays in control; it provides users with choice of databases, document suppliers and delivery mechanisms; it implements international standards for search, order and delivery.
Netz-Gruppe der UB Dortmund 27.11.1996