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Special Collections and Projects


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The library of the German Society for Railway History (DGEG) is a special collection with approximately 60,000 books, periodicals and timetables. The holdings in the 1st basement can be searched via the advanced search in catalog plus (shelf marks EGM* and EGZ*).

The German Society for Railway History was founded in Karlsruhe in 1967. It is the largest German association of people interested in railroad history, which maintains club activities and railroad museums at various locations in Germany. The DGEG library has been maintained since 1972 as a depository in the Dortmund University Library in cooperation with the "DGEG Archive and Library" working group. It pursues the goal of researching railroad and mobile history topics and includes, continuously updated, special and technical literature on the history of railroads from a social, technical, legal and cultural perspective. In addition, literature on transportation and communications is offered.

Collection of the Research Centre for East-Central Europe (FOME)

The Collection of the library of the former Research Centre for East-Central Europe is located on the third floor of the Central Library (shelf marks FOME A* - GJ*).

Digital Books for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Electronic full texts in an academically citable form (the files are labelled respectively) on our document repository Eldorado. Please ask our staff at the Service for the blind and visually impaired for further information.


Juvenile Book Collection

Special collection of about 3.300 children's and juvenile books. They are all listed in our online catalogue (shelf mark Jb*).

Patents, Standards

Information Centre for Technology and Patents

Rara and Rara DissDo

Our appr. 3.000 rare titles are separated in a special room. They can be ordered via an online form and read only at certain work places.

Women's Archive

The Women's Archive is a special collection of about 7.000 books, journals, theses, posters and other media all concerned with women in culture, history, society and education. Most of the items in this collection are searchable in our online catalogue (shelf marks Jf A* and Jf B*).