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Book Order for Chairs and Central (Scientific) Institutions

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Your book order will be processed by:

  • Departmental Library of Architecture and Civil Engineering
    • Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Departmental Library of Spatial Planning
    • Faculty of Spatial Planning
  • Emil-Figge-Bibliothek
    • Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology
    • Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences
    • Faculty of Human Sciences and Theology
    • Faculty of Cultural Studies
    • Faculty of Arts and Sports Sciences
    • Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Center for Higher Education
      • Department of Academic Teaching & Faculty Development
      • Department of Continuing Education
      • Department of Disability and Studies (DoBus)
      • Department of Foreign Languages
    • Center for Research on Education and School Development (IFS)
    • Centre for Teacher Training (DoKoLL)
  • Library Sozialforschungsstelle
    • Social Research Center Dortmund (sfs)

In any other case your book order will be processed at the Central Library. If you have questions concerning your order, please contact our Monograph Department (Tel 755-4059).