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Our E-books: FAQ

You prefer to read e-books? We offer numerous scientific publications as e-books. Here you can find further important information:

Guidelines for the Purchase of Electronic Resources

The library always acquires e-books to cover the requirements of our users.

Further criteria

  • In general e-books can be accessed, saved and printed without restrictions on campus and from home as PDF documents.
  • We focus on e-book packages from publishers in great demand as well as reference works (encyclopaedias and dictionaries), which in electronic form facilitate search and navigation. The latest edition of each reference work should be available. In many cases, the latest electronic version of a reference work is issued before the printed version. All e-books must be available at all times.
  • We also use patron driven acquisition (PDA) or evidence based selection (EBS): we acquire from a range of e-books the most used titles. Alternatively, from a large range of e-books the titles least used will be become inaccessible. In these cases, the library takes care, that the metadata of the publishers are up to a minimum standard.
  • Download rates of electronic full texts are monitored and analysed systematically; we will always weigh up costs and benefits.
  • We decide to acquire a suggested title as e-book individually.
  • We also take into account, how often printed books are used (reservations, interlibrary loans, document delivery orders); the acquisition of multiple copies for our text book collection and of e-books is always coordinated.