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Interlibrary Loan: Questions and Answers

Who can order items via Interlibrary Loan?
Students and members of TU Dortmund, Universities Bochum and Duisburg-Essen or external users can order items which are not in stock at Dortmund University Library. Students of other universities of NRW have to place their order with their own university.
Interlibrary Loan Fees
  • A fee of € 1,50 per interlibrary loan request will be charged. Interlibrary loan fees are handling fees which become due on sending your order. The fee will be charged even if your order cannot be fulfilled or if you do no longer need the ordered book or article..
  • If copies of articles/chapters ordered exceed 20 pages, additional costs may be charged. The exact amount is determined by the library fulfilling the order.
  • Costs for interlibrary loans are charged to your library account (please note that once you have accrued fees and fines exceeding € 30,00 on your library account, the account will be frozen automatically). Please pay your fees promptly at the pay machine in the Central Library!
  • Interlibrary loan fees are charged in accordance with the Leihverkehrsordnung (LVO), amended by the order about the Anwendung der Leihverkehrsordnung vom 19.02.2003 (LVO) und Regelung der Auslagenerstattung (Order 214 - of June 8, 2005) of the NRW Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology.
What is not available via interlibrary loan?
  • items which are in stock at Dortmund University Library - even if the items have been borrowed
  • electronic resources
  • diploma theses, bachelor or master theses (may usually not be borrowed)
  • valuable and rare items
  • loose-leaf editions and unbound periodicals
Renewing items borrowed via interlibrary loan
The loan period is determined by the respective sending library. Usually it is twenty weekdays, a renewal is often possible (see issue slip). We need the order form enclosed in the book to handle your interlibrary loan.
Media ordered by interlibrary loan have possibly been borrowed in the sending libraries in question. By request, we can reserve the medium for you. The delivery of the medium may than take longer than usual.
Subject group indication
When ordering a book via interlibrary loan, you will be asked for a subject group. If the library decides to acquire your book, no interlibrary loan fees will be charged. The book is automatically reserved for you.
A quicker way to order items
Document delivery service offer
Questions about the interlibrary loan?
If you have questions about interlibrary loans or encounter problems placing an interlibrary loan order, please contact our staff of the interlibrary loan department.