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Business Hours of the Central Library

The Central Library is open from Monday to Sunday to 1am, public holidays closed. Some services are only available when library staff is on duty.

Only during Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm and Saturday from 11am to 4pm in our Service Centre

During Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 7am to 1am, Sunday and Saturday from 9am to 1am

  • Borrowing and returning items
  • Self issue of reserved books (except books ordered via interlibrary loan)
  • Self issue of interlibrary loan copies
  • Collection of overdue fees, postal charges and interlibrary loan charges
    • Payment of fees of all kinds via the library account (library card or UniCard required)
    • Payment of fees for using the locker overnight (via the shop function)
    • Sale of receipts for withdrawn library books (via the shop function)
    • Payment without cash with a German EC card
    • Payment by 'Geld Karte' (e.g. UniCard or EC card)
    • You can only pay the total amount, no partial payment!
  • Study in the reading room area or studying in the group work area
  • Research in catalogues and databases
  • Internet research (Uni account / library account necessary)
  • Use of the reference collection
  • Printing, scanning and copying

Other Services

Car Park Escort Service from 8pm

Users who are working late at the library can be escorted to the car park or to the S-Bahn station. Do not hesitate to approach our security personnel.