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Publishing Open Access at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


What do I have to do to publish a Work Open Access?

A TU Dortmund member must be the corresponding author of the publication and indicate affiliation with TU Dortmund. When submitting a publication, the e-mail address must be used. After your article or conference report has been accepted, you will receive an e-mail from ACM Rights Review mentioning the agreement between TU Dortmund University and ACM. When subsequently filling out the eRights form from ACM, please select "permission release".

Which Open Access Licence should I choose?

Select a Creative Commons license for an open access publication ("permission release"); the library recommends the standard CC license CC-BY.

Are there really no Costs?

Article Processing Charges (APCs) for open access publications are generally covered by the ACM-OPEN agreement and are free of charge to you. Please note that charges for additional options (color in print, posters, etc.) are not covered by this agreement.

Can I continue to read paid Articles at ACM?

As usual, there will continue to be unlimited and unrestricted access to the content (open access and paid) of the ACM Digital Library from the university network. The only exception is - as before - the ACM Book Series.

What if I do not want to publish Open Access?

You can publish your article with ACM even if you do not want to take advantage of ACM OPEN. This agreement does not restrict you or dictate where or how you want to publish. ACM OPEN simply gives you the option of free open access publication with ACM. Therefore, you can also choose not to publish your work Open Access.

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