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Publication Guideline

The Publication Guideline of TU Dortmund University aims to make your research more visible and to improve the attribution of your research to you and to TU Dortmund University. TU Dortmund University Library supports you in this endeavour.

Increase your Visibility as an Author

Increasing the Visibility of your Publications

Affiliation and Funding Acknowledgments

The correct attribution of your publications to TU Dortmund University increases the visibility of the university in the research community. As a member or affiliate of TU Dortmund, please always state your affiliation to TU Dortmund University in your publications, in accordance with the Publication Guideline of TU Dortmund University. Affiliation with joint research projects or other alliances must also be identified.

Third-party funding must be acknowledged according to the requirements of the funding organizations. The funding code (Förderkennzeichen) must be stated. In the case of multiple sources of third-party funds, all funders need to be named.