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Printing, Scanning and Copying

In the Central Library and in the Departmental Libraries you can use print and copy stations for copying, printing and scanning and other machines for duplication. The display of the stations is wheelchair accessible: Pull out the display and adjust the angle.

To use the print and copy stations for copying, printing and scanning you need a charged card (GeldKarte).

  • You can use one of your own cards as a GeldKarte: A GeldKarte chip can be found for example on your cash card ("EC-Karte"), on your UniCard or FHCard.
    • You can charge your card with credit at the loading terminals on the TU Dortmund campuses. The GeldKarte on your cash card can be charged at cash terminals, too.
    • Charging the chip of your cash card at the charging station is free of a service charge, regardless of which bank you are with. Please note: However, some banks charge a basic fee for the usage of the GeldKarte function.
  • Or you can use a lendable GeldKarte. You can get such a card for a refundable card deposit of 10 Euro at the InfoPoint of the Studierendenwerk in the mensa building. There you can
    • get a card and charge it with your cash card at one of the loading terminals.
    • get a card and charge it with cash (only notes; minimum amount 5 Euro) at a special loading terminal in the mensa building.
    • get back a remaining credit of a functioning UniCard and all other money cards (please note: remaining credit of a non-functioning UniCard is paid back by the Sparkasse).




More Services

We offer a variety of services for printing, scanning and copying.

  • Scan Service: Scans are made by library staff. Mostly for rare books and interlibrary loans which are to be read in the reading room only. Costs 35 Cents per page (DIN A 4). Please contact the digitisation department for further information (telephone: 0231 755 4067).
  • Copy Service: You can make copies or have copies made for you at the digitisation department of the Central Library, notably documents in DIN A 3 - charges.


Price List