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Fees and Fines

The services listed below are charged subject to the rules for fees and fines of Dortmund University Library.


  • overdue fines
    • up to 10 days: € 2,00 per item
    • up to 20 days: € 5,00 per item
    • up to 30 days: € 10,00 per item
    • from the 31st day on: € 20,00 per item
      and a one-time handling fee of € 25,00 if the loan period is exceeded by more than 40 days
    • short loan: per item per calendar day 2,00 €
      and a one-time handling fee of € 25,00 if the loan period is exceeded by more than 10 days
  • loss of an item: € 25,00 handling fee for replacement of the item plus the cost of the item to be replaced
  • your account will be blocked if it is overdrawn by more than 30,00 € or if you fail to pay overdue fines within one month after returning an item (regardless the amount of the overdue fines).
    Please note: If your account is blocked, you cannot borrow or reserve books, renew the loan period (even the automatic renewal does not work) or order items via interlibrary loan!

Library Card: Annual Fee, Replacement

  • Library card: Annual fee for external users: 20 € (registration)
  • If your card is lost or damaged:

Interlibrary Loan

Copying, Printing, Scanning


Other Services

Paying Fines

  • in the Central Library at the pay machine with your cash card ("EC-Karte") or with your GeldKarte (e.g. on your cash card or on your UniCard or FHCard).*
  • in the Emil-Figge-Bibliothek with your cash card or charged card from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.*
  • by transfer to the following account:

    Technische Universität Dortmund
    IBAN DE43 4405 0199 0001 1904 15
    Purpose of transfer:
    UB / first and last name / matriculation number (or: number on your library card)

Avoiding Fines

  • Five days before the end of the loan period, you will receive a reminder by email (you will not get a reminder by email for short loan in the Emil-Figge-Bibliothek or if the loan period is shorter than usual!). However, a fine is incurred if items are not returned within the loan period, regardless of the receipt of a reminder.
  • You can return items also by mail.

* Please note: No transaction costs for card payments!