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Emergency Rules /First Aid

Emergency Situation in the Central Library

  • Leave the building immediately, do not use the lift!
  • Inform other people!
  • Stay calm!
  • Keep entrances clear!

If there is a Fire, Gas Leak or any other Emergency Situation



If the alarm siren is set off, leave the building immediately. Even if the cause of the emergency is not apparent - be a role model for others.
Do not use the lifts! Emergency exits are signposted.

After Evacuation


Please keep entrances clear. Go to the meeting point (parking lot underneath the bridge connecting the Mensa with the Central Library) and make sure that the people you were with are there as well.
The building may only be re-entered if it is declared safe to do so by emergency service personnel!

What all of Us can Do


Be aware of your study environment! Make sure you know where fire extinguishers and emergency exits are located. Fire alarm boxes are in all staircases.
Dortmund University Library welcomes users to actively contribute to everyone's safety!

First Aid

Erste Hilfe

Someone is injured or collapsed?
Please keep calm – give first aid and/or contact the service centre on the ground floor – do not leave the injured person alone!